To design and establish technologically equipped workshops in schools and education centers so that our youth can grow up in line with the needs of the age


We draw our workshop designs from the most basic level by taking solid steps. We conduct joint studies with our customers by following basic processes such as presenting alternatives with sketches, creating idea maps, and making revisions on computer models.


Our main goal is to shape the knowledge of our young and active staff in design and production under the roofs of educational institutions, to develop the potentials of our children and young people in workshops that we will shape with the cooperation of KPM and educational institutions, to sow seeds of creativity in their minds and to build a beautiful future.


Journey from the First Idea to the Last Idea

Idea Development Workshops

Comfort environments for idea development processes

Hand Drawing and Traditional Design Workshops

Places where ideas start to come to life after being processed by hand

Computer Aided Design Workshops

Environments where ideas are embodied in virtual environments

Technical Process Workshops

Environments where ideas take concrete form

Heavy Production Workshops

Environments in which concrete forms are produced

Robotics and Electronics Workshops

Places where the functions of the products are deepened

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