What is 3D Printing?

A lot has changed and developed in the 21st century. The structure of societies, economic understanding, management styles and technology have changed and developed. These changes, in every sense, had multi-faceted results. With the developments in technology, a breakthrough has been made in products, production methods and understanding. The change and development experienced in the communication sector, especially with the idea of differentiation in recent years, showed that cult methods in many fields are not indispensable. With the additive manufacturing revolution that started towards the end of the 20th century, it was seen that the ideas that were stereotyped in the understanding of production could be developed with innovative thoughts.

So why are these changes happening?
Change is the transition from the current equilibrium state to a new equilibrium state. What is needed for change is to be uncomfortable with the current situation and the desire to open the door to innovations with revolutionary strategies. This is how the birth of additive manufacturing began. To produce parts that are lighter, in different anatomies, which are difficult to manufacture as a whole.

This method, which started as a pilot application at the beginning, aroused great interest and interest all over the world as time progressed. Those who felt the need for change embarked on great works in this field. We can express the factors in the feeling of change as follows.

The main factors are the desire to make analysis, to determine the design cycle and to shorten the production processes of complex parts, to print complex parts that cannot be produced with new, traditional methods, to produce without the need for extra tools and equipment, to facilitate complex or multifunctional productions, to save energy, and to reduce raw material costs. we can say. What we have mentioned is actually a part of the advantages of 3D printing.

So How Is It Produced?
We call 3D printers the machines that model a thought piece in a computer environment and transform it into tangible tangible objects in a short time. Even if the part considered here has a complex geometry, we call it 3D printing when it is produced as a single piece by adding layers.

The most distinctive feature of additive manufacturing is that when you buy the machine while you are the buyer, you must become the manufacturer after you buy it. With a simple training you will receive, you will be able to produce the parts and products you want, and you will have the freedom of design.

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