KPM Advanced Technology and Consulting develops design, production and software solutions for additive and machining technology. We provide services in the field of 3D printers with our P1, P2 and P4 models. We provide computer-aided design services for your needs and offer rapid prototyping solutions on the basis of software and products for production.


It is possible to manufacture sub-industry parts and accessory products for many sectors with 3D printers. With the FDM technology, which is one of the additive manufacturing methods, parts with very complex geometries can be produced easily. In this way, prototype products of any part or model to be used in the aerospace, automotive industries can be made. With the additive manufacturing methods, which are gradually being used in the fashion industry day by day, the printing of fashion products can also be done by our company. Products produced by additive manufacturing methods can be used for prototype and functional purposes.