Suitable for desktop use, quiet and with its unique design details, KPM P2 meets your 3D printing needs in a sensitive, quiet and high quality way.

Technical Details

Product Features

  • The printing technology of the 3D printer is FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication).
  • 3D printer is domestic production.
  • The printing area is 220 x 200 x 150 mm (X-Y-Z).
  • Layer resolution is minimum 20-100 microns.
  • The number of melter heads is 1 piece.
  • The operating sound is maximum 26 dB.
  • The diameter of the raw material (filament) used is 1.75 mm.
  • The 3D printer can print with PLA, PLA+, ABS, ABS+ type filaments.
  • Nozzle Diameter (0.4 mm 0.2 mm – 0.1 mm) may vary.
  • Nozzle Working Temperature is 0-280°C.
  • The printing platform can be printed without the need for heating or adhesive materials.
  • Energy consumption is between 50-80 Watts maximum.
  • The motion system is classified as a single belt linear rail H-Bot.
  • The print area is half closed.
  • The calibration system is fully automatic.
  • The screen interface is touch-sensitive and is in Turkish.
  • User and Web interfaces are used for printing over Wi-Fi and are in Turkish.
  • The 3D printer case is metal.
  • The device dimensions are 374x352x467 mm.
  • The device weight is not more than 20 kg.
  • Data entry is carried out via smart devices, USB connection and Wi-Fi.
  • It will be possible to control from smart devices.
  • Supported 3D model file types are .stl .obj and amf. is in the form.
  • Supported operating systems are Windows and Mac OS.
  • The program that will translate the designs into the printer language can be downloaded free of charge from the internet or it will be embedded in the printer’s motherboard.
  • There is a 3.5” touch screen panel for user interface control.
  • 1 filament spool is supplied with the printers.
  • The device is guaranteed for 2 (two) years against all faults except its wearable parts.
  • All of the devices are installed in a way that provides the technical features specified in the technical specification, and are delivered in working condition with their standard accessories and user manual.
  • All kinds of labor and equipment required for the installation of the devices are covered by KPM company.
  • In case of an institutional request regarding the use of the devices, basic training will be provided to the personnel determined by the relevant administration.
  • The devices are delivered in their original packaging, never used, faultless and flawless.
  • All kinds of loading and transportation will be done by KPM company.

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