The EP-P420 has polymer powder bed fusion (PPBF) technology with a printing area of ​​420x420x465 mm3. The EP-P420 provides the ability to print medium to large parts for customized products and small batch production. Thanks to its innovative software and hardware, the EP-P420 is a well-designed, user-friendly and cost-effective machine.

High performance
◆ Optimized real-time temperature management system, ±1.0°C
◆ With advanced optical scanning, it guarantees the surface quality and high details of parts
◆ Working temperature up to 260°C allows the machine to print more types of polymers
◆ Different variation of mechanical properties for full-scale stamping parts is less than 5%
◆ The material used in production can be reused in the next production at a rate of 80%

High efficiency
◆ It has higher printing speed with 120w laser power
◆ Detachable forming roller, two alternative rollers are used to shorten the time for the next print job
◆ Removable optical protective windows facilitate daily maintenance
◆ Open printing parameters enable the development of new materials
◆ Distinctive scanning strategy saves scanning time
◆ Real-time powder feeding system saves media
◆ Large-volume powder dispenser provides one-time feeding to cover all cylinder pressure

User Friendly and Smart
◆ One-click scanning path creation
◆ One-click printing capability
◆ Automatic generation of production report, monitoring of printing process
◆ Fault is handled automatically, avoiding equipment damage

Technicial Specifications:

 Material: PA11,PA12,PA6 and composites
 Production Volume: 420×420×465mm3(L×W×H)
 Layer Thickness: 0.06mm-0.30mm
Accuracy rate  ±0.15mm(piece size < 100mm) ±1.5%(piece size ≥ 100mm)
Thermal Field Control:                           Independent four-zone temperature control system
Laser Power: CO₂ lazer, 120 w
Scan System: Dynamic scan focus + High precision galvo system
Scan Speed: 13 m/s(max)
Software: Eplus 3D printing software
Power Resource: 380 v, 50 Hz, 3-faz
Supported File Formats STL .OBJ .STEP vb.
Printer Dimensions: 5700x3000x4500mm3(X*Y*Z)
Machine Weight: 2500 kg
Work Temperature:    260°C
Heat Regulation: real-time print surface temperature monitoring
Gas Supply: N2