EP-P3850 EN



The E-Plus 3D EP-P3850 model printer adopts SLS technology and is designed to meet functional tests in industrial applications, prototype and final part production at low costs.

Features and Advantages;

Removable forming roller to optimize printing efficiency
Uniform heat control system to offer optimized mechanical properties
Capable of offering a broad portfolio of 3D printing materials with high powder recyclability rates

Eliminate the constraints of complex geometries and maximize design freedom.

Technicial Specifications:

Material: PA11, PA11CF, PA12, PA12GF
Production Volume: 380 x 380 x 500 mm
Layer Thickness 0.1mm(0.08-0.3mm can change between.)
Accuracy rate  ±0.15mm(piece size < 100mm) ±1.5%(piece size ≥ 100mm)
Material Feeding Mode Automatic loading, Bidirectional powder loading
Laser Power CO₂ lazer, 55 w
Scan System: Dynamic scan focus
Scan Speed: 7,8 m/s(max)
Software: Eplus 3D printing software
Power Resource: 380 v, 50 Hz, 3-faz
Supported File Formats Stl vb.
Printer Dimensions: 1400 x 1300 x 2450 mm
Machine Weight: 1600 kg
Work Temperature:    15-30 °C