Compatible Metal 3D Printer for Large Scale Production

It includes the EP-M450 among its ‘E-Plus 3D’ MPBF 3D printers with a print chamber size of 455*455*550 mm. The new EP-M450; It is an outstanding metal printer that creates reliable and high-quality, large-size, industrial tool-free parts.

With its user-friendly software, one-touch printing and optional single/dual 500 Watt fiber lasers, the EP-M450 takes digital additive manufacturing one step further in the field of large-scale industrial application.

The EP-M450 is a high-throughput, large-scale production metal 3D printer that provides double-sided powder re-coating and a high part production rate (55 cubic cm/hr). Thanks to the “blow-back” effective, fine and coarse filtration system, the lifespan of the filter exceeds 1000 hours. With the fully open system of the E-Plus 3D, the EP-M450 becomes a powerful tool for large-scale companies. As companies are free to choose their printing strategies with materials such as stainless metal, titanium, aluminum, nickel alloys and similar materials, the cost of ownership of the machine also decreases.

With its high efficiency, quality production and reliability, as well as ease of use and the compatibility of additive manufacturing with the general manufacturing ecosystem, EP-M450 enables its owners to be one step ahead in their field.

High Quality

– Density of manufactured parts > 99.9%, deviation in mechanical properties of parts < 5%
– Thanks to the optimized gas flow design, smoke and splashes are removed, resulting in a uniform and consistent production.
– The model of dynamic software includes top-bottom surfaces, core and small areas etc. separation feature. Creating high quality parts by applying different process parameters to these reserved areas.
– Repeatable positional accuracy <+- 5 micrometers along the Z-axis of the build direction.
– Deviation due to overlap in dual laser <+-0.1 mm. The mechanical properties of the resulting part remain the same compared to parts produced with a single laser.

High Efficiency

– Printing area is 455*455*500 mmcube, printing volume is >100 L.
– Production capacity can be increased with thicker layer thickness.
– Thanks to the in-house production software (EP-Hatch), printing time can be reduced with optimized scanning strategies.
– With the optional 2*500W fiber laser dual laser system, the printing efficiency can be increased by 70%.
– Maximum production rate of 55 cm/h
– Reducing the recoating time thanks to the bi-directional powder recoating method.


– Excellent core optics and excellent part quality, thanks to world-class suppliers and mature process control parameter algorithm.
– High quality uniform parts with excellent control over the build environment and components.
– Oxygen concentration in the tightly sealed production chamber
– Part production continues without stopping, thanks to the fact that the remaining powder amount in the feeder can be monitored continuously and powder can be added without stopping the machine.
– Double protection of the chamber door is provided by the double gas-letting inlets on the printing chamber.

Cost-Effective & Easy Operation

– Thanks to the “blow-back” effective, fine and coarse filtration system, the lifespan of the filter exceeds 1000 hours.
– Extremely user-friendly software interface and one-touch printing technology makes printing very simple.
– Ceramic, PU, ​​alloy metals etc. different recoating blades.
– Traceable print history and real-time values ​​from different sensors after each print.

Open System

– Laser power, scanning speed, scanning direction, up and down surfaces etc. open parameters in fields.
– Freedom of choice among metal powders on the market thanks to the open system.
– Great increase in production efficiency by integrating process software with Siemens NX software and reducing design, simulation and printing path planning into one software.
– The trading software supports SLC and CLI formats.

Technicial Specifications:

Optical System One Lazer-500 W or Double Lazer-2*500 W (Option), Fiber laser
Production Volume(X*Y*Z): 455*455*500 mm3
Spot Dimensions: 80-120 μm
Scan Speed: 8m/s
Print Speed: Tek lazer:15 cm3/h – 35 cm3/h;
Çift lazer:25 cm3/h – 55 cm3/h
Layer Thickness: 20-100 μm
Material:                Titanium Alloy, Aluminum Alloy, Nickel Alloy, Maraging Steel,

Stainless Steel, Cobalt Chrome and Copper Alloy etc.

Gas Resource: Ar/N2
Oxygen Content: ≤ 100ppm
Power Resource: 380 V,45 A,50~60 Hz,17 kW
Printer Dimensions: 5500*3300*3100 mm3
Weight: 10300 kg
Software: EPHatch;E-Plus 3D
Supported File Formats: Stl vb.